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  • 1.ATPL Education CRM (Student Management System)

      ATPL Education CRM (Student Management System) :

    • Centralized information
    • Student Records
    • Enquiry Management
    • Activity/Follow up Management
    • Lead (Student)Conversion technology
    • Contact management
    • Courses Management
    • Fees Management
    • User Role based Access
    • Notification/ Alerts
    • Reports & Dashboard
  • 2. ATPL CRM

      ATPL CRM :

    • Lead Management
    • (able to manage and track campaigns across all channels, including social media (Trade india,Aliababa etc.and any other Website – So you Never miss the Lead). This will help you make smarter decisions about where to invest, and show the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline)

    • Task Management
    • (will know what to do, and will smoothly bring that prospect on up and over to the next stage)

    • Activity Management
    • (Enlightening Experience, records don’t show the Open Activities and Activity History related lists. Instead, track your activities in the activity timeline, which is supported for accounts, contacts, contracts, leads, opportunities, and activity-enabled custom objects)

    • Opportunity Management
    • (The opportunity is a deal that you have the possibility to close)

    • Quotation Management
    • (professional sales quotes can be quickly generated from opportunities, contacts or companies with the option to export in Word or as a PDF)

    • Product Management
    • (Product Management promotes integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products, including project managers, engineers, sales people, buyers, and quality assurance teams)

    • Basic Inventory Management
    • (Manage your inventory, build price books, create quotes, sales orders, and invoices that automatically deduct from available stock, and for which you can request payments from customers that are tracked against their outstanding invoices)

    • Case / Complaints Features
    • (Keep track of your customer requests and issues by creating support cases in CRM. When a customer contacts support with a question or problem, you can quickly check if there is an existing case or open a new case and start tracking the issue. You can also escalate, reassign, or put a case back into the service queue if you don’t have enough information or time to work on it)


    • Geo Tracking
    • You can track Sales & Service Guys via Geo Tracking

    • MIS / Graphical & Tabular Reports;
  • 3. ATPL BI Services
  • 4. ATPL ERP goals

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